An Official Statement from Emergency Room Productions and Everett Robert

Emergency Room Productions

Some may think I kowtowed to pressure, some may think that I’m a coward. I may be trying to cap something off that is too late. Let me state that I stand by my original post. I stand by what I wrote. However,  for the students involved, their safety and their future, I have edited my original blog “We’re Seniors Too“.

I fear that Google Searches on these students names will bring up my original article and they may be viewed as troublemakers, I fear that letters of recommendation will be withheld, and participation in future activities may be halted. I am afraid for what the next 12 weeks of school for them may hold as I have already seen backlash toward them begin to appear from their fellow students and parents of their fellow students. I don’t want them bullied because of something I wrote and I don’t want…

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The Reader

Cristian Mihai

reader Whenever I tell someone I’m a writer, and they show genuine interest towards my “profession,” I end up telling them about all the cool e-mails I get from people. Or about the reviews my books get. Or this or that comment.

You know, there are good days and bad days. There are days when you don’t feel like writing, or days that you simply don’t want to write. But your readers are what’s most important, what keeps you going, what makes you feel like a writer even during those bad days.

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Welcome International best selling author, Lizzy Stevens!


I know, it’s not a Monday…but this is so awesome it couldn’t wait!

Today, international best selling author Lizzy Stevens came by to say hi!



Her book’s got a new cover, new edits, and is perfect for a lazy afternoon!


2nd Edition

Revised 8-14-13

Amazon Best Seller

#35  in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Anthologies

Rachel Connors loved her life, and her job as a manager at a ski resort in Aspen Colorado, but after learning she was ill, she decided to take a long needed vacation to her parent’s home. This was when she met Kyle Landers, who in her absence had moved into her parent’s lives, and before he’d even met Rachel, Kyle had decided not to like her. Kyle had been alone in the world when Rachel’s parents had taken him in; and he couldn’t understand…

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The elixir of the true love. A St Valentine’s Tale.

Just Olga

Elixir 1 (1) As St Valentine’s is approaching I decided to try and participate in an initiative of one of Goodread groups I am a member of, Café Literario, where the founders of the group suggested posting stories to celebrate certain occasions (Christmas, holidays…). I came up with a romantic story to celebrate St Valentine’s (and the friendship day) and decided to share it (in English version) with you. I hope you enjoy it.

The elixir of true love

The phenomenon had been going on for two days and by now Amelia had lost her patience and run out of ideas. It was true that she wanted to find a boyfriend and she hadn’t gone out with anybody for a long time. But that did not mean she was happy with the current state of affairs. It had gone from one extreme to the other, and now she couldn’t walk past a man…

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Touch the Sky: a collaborative journey of art

The Neighborhood

{press play}

The Neighborhood is an original, all-inclusive art house collaborative, built on a foundation of peace. Each month, a collaboration of various artists from around the globe, whom have never met, but are connected through the beauty in their souls and love in their work. Our creative director {who most of you know – smile} spins the individual crafts,  into a single show – art walk in your home – just for the neighbors, visitors and guests. who have made The Neighborhood feel like home.
– Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

Please welcome our guest Artists
Recording –Mickey Roarr
Free Verse Poet –Lucci Yuponce
Visual –JacksonHole97in Abstracts and Photography (cover)

Touch the Sky: a collaborative journey of art

some of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed..
quote me. “woke up!”
but we’re not dead!!!
some of us complain about money! but on…

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