Panorama Stitching Software – Alternatives To Canon Photostitch

Don Charisma

Canon Photostitch software is good and works pretty well with good quality photos. With a tripod then you’ll probably get an awesome merged result. Sometimes it won’t stitch together photos how I want. So what do I use instead ? Well it’s a tricky choice, because all panorama/stitching software isn’t created equal. Each has it’s nuances, features and drawbacks.

I use Panorama and stitching software often for the photos I post on my blog. I like the power afforded to me to get wider angle shots or to be able to get a much higher megapixel result because of the multiple images being joined. Without of course the expense of an expensive fisheye lens or a multi thousand dollar 75 megapixel camera. It’s even possible to produce gigapixel images, the Microsoft ICE site talks about a gigapixel image, comprised of 800 individual photos ! My largest ever has been…

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