Guest Author James W. McAllister

Our Frynd James W. McAllister has landed his Starship on another blog. AWESOME

Don’t forget about your Earthling Frynds while you venture out in different galaxies!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

My name is James W. McAllister. I am a Respiratory Therapist with extensive ICU, Home Care, and Management experience. I currently work in Healthcare Accreditation as a Field Surveyor for The Joint Commission.

TUThis work requires a lot of travel. To pass time, I read ebooks. A few years ago, several stories began forming in my imagination. So, I began writing instead of reading. My first book, THE BEST LAID PLANS, Birth of the Starclan, was published in June 2013. My second, a collection of short stories, was also publish that June. My third book, THE PAGEĀ The Year of the Dragons, was published in February 2014.

I wrote THE BEST LAID PLANS to get the story finished. I had the idea for it and the prequel, THE TURRET, for some time. One day, I just began writing. THE PAGE was not one of my originalā€¦

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