James McAllister- “The Universe”

Another one from our Starship Trooper Captain James McAllister

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement group's Blog

James McAllister is the groups Science fiction Artist. James anchors the Science fiction blog and welcomes readers and other authors to participate through posting stories or author pages whichever is applicable.

http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementscifi.wordpress.com/ http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementscifi.wordpress.com/

http://www.amazon.com/James-McAllister/e/B00DA1ZSFI/ http://www.amazon.com/James-McAllister/e/B00DA1ZSFI/

James Warren McAllister is a Registered Respiratory Therapist living in Central New York State. James’ first novel, THE BEST LAID PLANS, was selected on February 1, 2014 as a Runner-Up in the MARSocial Author of the Year Competition, the largest competition of it’s type ever held on the internet.
James’ work takes him all over; he has been to 43 States, along with Bermuda, Canada, and Puerto Rico. James’ other interests include sports, history, computers, photography, Jordan The Wonder Cat, gardening, fishing, and scale model building.
James has been interested in science fiction since a friend in Junior High School lent him the Lensmen Series of books by E. E. “Doc” Smith. This interest was further spiked…

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