Gloomy Wednesday: RB’s Turn

My dear sweet sister, Ella, loves to spread good cheer and it’s so thoughtful of her to push it toward my characters. But alas, wedding bliss can only last so long before reality sets in.

Let’s visit Angel first before getting to the “happy” couple.

Her absence at the wedding had been noticed, but dismissed quickly as her dislike for Willamina was well known. It’s true she hated the girl, but that wasn’t the reason she skipped Mordecai’s big day.

If you recall, it was Angel who sent Cousin Mordecai on a wild goose chase—or so she thought—to the cemetery. Remorse filled her minutes after he left the mansion. At first she didn’t recognize the feeling in her chest, but as her mind spun and her daft cousin’s face appeared in her thoughts, she realized what was troubling her. Cursing violently—she didn’t like feeling this way and hated Mordecai…

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