Share Your Ghost Story

When was the last time you were scared???

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Writing Paranormal 

It’s a natural phenomenon, for me to write paranormal mysteries. Given my experience in strange encounters with apparitions. I have one visitor who returns to scare the hell out of me. True, at first the entity snatched my bed covers from me while I slept. I’d wake up to find my covers on the floor at the foot of the bed. Sounds normal doesn’t it, finding your covers on the floor. One night the covers whipped with a snapping sound and I stirred in time to see my covers moving across the bedroom floor. There was something odd about the occurrence, to this day I couldn’t tell you if I were asleep, awake, or in a trance. Maybe I had some demons to fight, because I jumped out of my bed and grabbed my blanket, a tug of war followed between me and an unseen entity. Then, in…

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