# Redirecting Ourselves#


# A Thought Of CHANGE must be   seeded only by you.    
Trials and Errors make you GROW.

# Redirecting Ourselves is Not very hard , We can change many Life’S Around us.

#How many times do we accept our flaws and try to rectify them?
Only little courage is needed to accept the mistakes that we do.
A little of awareness right into a form of self study and self analysis is just required.

#When we face some problems some kind of blocks on our way it’s just because we are restrained to move further at wrong place at wrong time ,only this has to be seeded and engage yourself to redirect a better way.
Learn to drive from inside just like automobile you will see many things clear.

#Be at peace even when everything goes wrong don’t get messed up in the factors which cause delays or which bring…

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