What to do about Telemarketers

The Crazy Lady Speaks

Nothing makes me madder than scrambling around the house to find my ringing phone only to find it’s a telemarketer calling. Grrrrrr

I developed a method that makes getting unwanted sales calls actually fun. I look forward to ’em even. 

I am willing to share this golden nugget with you! Why should I have all the fun? Here’s what to do:

When you receive an unsolicited phone call, answer it. Play like you’re all excited about whatever it is the person is trying to sell. Reel ’em in . . . make ’em think, “Oh boy, I found a huge ‘sucker.'” 

Then, when they ask for your information, say, “Could you wait just a minute?”

“Yes,” he’ll pant.

Let him wait.

After a minute, pick up the phone and say, “I changed my mind. Don’t EVER call this number again.” Then hang up. It’s fun . . . it really…

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