“Hubba Hubba Santa Claus” by LaRae Parry….Book Review


Guest Post by A.J. Raven

“Hubba Hubba Santa Claus” by LaRae Parry is an enjoyable little read. It’s quick, it’s fun, and you want the protagonist to win. You will find yourself reading from cover to cover to see how the story unfolds.


The story is about Shelly Sam. She is an aspiring journalist and in order to get into a huge publishing company she ends up taking up a job as a man. And not just any job, she has to play the role of Santa Claus. However, things don’t go according to plan when she bumps into ‘the one’ while dressed as a man. What follows is a series of enjoyable events where we see a woman trying to determine how ‘the one’ feels about her, even though he thinks she’s a dude. The characters are all well fleshed out. I enjoyed the character of Rhonda, Shelly’s older…

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